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Diamond Guarantees

We're proud to offer you all the guarantees you can imagine. We only work with IGI and HRD certified diamonds, on request we can laser inscribe your diamond, we have a 7 day money back guarantee and our diamonds have excellent prices.

Do you feel insecure about buying over the internet? Just contact us and we will glady help to make the internet experience a personal and secure diamond experience.

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Certified diamonds

A diamond certificate (also called a "diamond grading report") is a document containing the characteristics about the diamond that will make up its value. It is the pedigree that goes with the diamond and becomes a valuable document in case of loss because it will ensure that your insurance company will replace your stone with another certified stone of like quality. Certificates are not appraisals since they do not contain any information regarding the value or price of a diamond.

Grading laboratories like the HRD and IGI measure and grade diamonds sent to them by wholesalers and retailers. They provide documents called certifications describing the diamond.

Be aware of retailers who issue their own in-house certifications. We can only think of one reason that a retailer would issue their own certification opposed to an independent laboratory certification, and that is so they can exaggerate the color and clarity grades. The result is you are paying for quality that you are not getting in your diamond. In other words, you buy a diamond with paperwork saying it is G/VS2 quality when, in fact, it is I/SI1 quality by HRD or IGI standards.

Laser inscription
If you want to feel secure about the identity of your diamond forever, we recommend having it laser inscribed with your unique message and/or lab certificate number.

Laser inscription is the process that inscribes the girdle of the diamond (the middle area of the stone) and it is done with a microscopic laser beam. The precise heat of a tiny laser beam transforms a very thin layer (just a few atoms thick) of the diamond from transparent carbon crystal (diamond) into opaque carbon (graphite).

Anything can be inscribed on the girdle, from an identification number to a name or phrase. A trained jeweler, with the aid of the loupe (magnifying glass) will be able to read the inscription. Usually, brand name diamonds will carry their name or logo on the girdle. Most certified diamonds would be inscribed with their certificate number. Laser inscription does not change the color grade or clarity grade of a diamond.

7 day money back
If for any reason you aren't satisfied, you can return your item within 7 days in its original condition for a refund or exchange. No questions asked, these are the regulations of the EU.

If by the remote change you are not happy with your purchase, we will return your full payment and we even pay for the return shipping charges! For Diamond World only complete customer satisfaction is acceptable.

Excellent prices
The fact that Antwerp functions as major diamond trade and production centre worldwide, is reflected in the cultural diversity of the Antwerp community. Diamonds from Antwerp are exported in all directions, often to the far corners of the world.

As to Antwerp's share in the diamond trade, more than 50% of the world consumption of rough, polished and industrial diamonds passes through Antwerp. Most of the most important sight holders of the Diamond Trading Company (former De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd) reside in Antwerp.

Since we're just one or two step(s) from the mining source we can offer our clients excellent prices. Try us and be amazed about our high level of customer support and personal guidance. You can contact us or just browse our website if you have any Diamond Questions.

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